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Personal Injury Lawyer New Milford, CT

A Respected Personal Injury Lawyer Serving New Milford, Norwalk & Danbury, CT

Experiencing a personal injury is stressful and painful for all parties involved, especially if you are the one that has been injured. As a personal injury lawyer, Bennett has been helping people from all walks of life fight for the compensation they are looking for. Whether you have been in a motor vehicle accident or you slipped and fell at your workplace, Bennett is happy to help defend your rights in a court of law. 

Attorney Bennett works with people throughout Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont and the U.S. Virgin Islands to help get them the compensation they are looking for. Our team will work hard on your case to ensure that all factors are taken into consideration and your defense is prepared professionally and thoroughly.

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If You Have Been Injured, Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with a personal injury case is nothing less than a stressful experience. Going through a legal process to gain compensation for medical bills, therapy, car damage and more is added on to your existing injuries. Leave it to Bennet and his team to make the process as easy as possible for you. We are conveniently located to serve clients in Danbury, CT; New Milford, CT; Norwalk, CT and the surrounding areas. Contact us today.

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