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Civil Litigation 

 1 hr. Free Consultation

We deal with personal injury, premises liability, product liability and business disputes through trial, mediation or arbitration. 

Land Use

1 hr. Consultation Meeting

We represent buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. We also handle issues related to land use, zoning, permitting, property disputes and environmental contamination.

Business Affairs/Litigation

1 hr. Consultation Meeting

We aid in the forming and governance of business organizations such as corporations, partnerships and LLCs.

Maritime Law

1 hr. Free Consultation

We can help with maritime personal injury and vessel operations (both small craft and large vessel) if you were injured at sea.

Estate Planning and Probate

1 hr. Consultation Meeting

We can help with estate planning, counseling, document preparation, administration of probate proceedings and estate disputes.

Commercial Transactions

1 hr. Consultation Meeting

This includes consultation and document preparation for all commercial and UCC transactions.

Criminal Defense

1 hr. Free Consultation

This includes defense of all criminal prosecutions, state and federal, DUI, misdemeanors and felonies.

We will make the time to consult with you at your convenience.

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