Personal Injury:

Lewis v. Ford Motor Co., et al. - U.S. District Court,TBI, alleged motor vehicle defect

Babic v. Makita, Inc. - U.S. District Court, amputation, alleged hand tool defect

Shabauh v. Gallows Bay Hardware, et al. - VI Superior Court, gas explosion burns, home appliance defect

Williams v. Stewart Manufacturing, Inc. - U.S. District Court, wrongful death, industrial machinery

Criminal Defense:

People v. Michael - VI Superior Court, rape

People v. Benjamin - VI Superior Court, homicide

People v. O'Niell - VI Superior Court, grand larceny

Corporate Governance/Business Litigation:

Rural Tel. Dev. Corp. v. Vitelco - U.S. District Court, commercial debt $750+ million

Brown v. Commercial Security Services Ltd., Inc. - U.S. District Court, ownership/governance dispute

VI Waste Disposal - $2 million equity transaction

Instrument & Control Systems v. Hess Oil - VI Superior Court, contract collection

Maritime Law:

Nicholson v. Royal Caribbean - U.S. District Court, slip and fall

Perez v. National Response Corp. - U.S. District Court, chemical exposure

Rivera v. Hess Oil - U.S. District Court, longshore injury

Osthiemyer v. Native Son - U.S. District Court, collision wrongful death

Environmental Law:

Home Heating Oil Spill Contamination Claims, Residential and Commercial - totaling in excess of $6 million

Industrial Petrochemical Spill Contamination Claims - totaling in excess of $1 million

CT Environmental Protection Act

NY Navigation Law

Commercial/Financial Transactions:

Jet Aircraft Contract Negotiation - $2 million

Bank of Finland v. Hyatt - U.S. District Court, commercial loan $30 Million

Real Estate/Land Use:

Charitable Land Gift/Nature Conservancy - 65+ acres undeveloped

General Residential Real Estate Closings

Commercial Real Estate Closings


Motor Vehicle Personal Injury/Wrongful Death:

Rosario v. Abramson's Enterprises, Inc. - VI Superior Court, pedestrial wrongful death

Pogson v. Shapiro - VI Superior Court, intoxicated opposing driver

Saner v. Geonet - VI Superior Court, opposing driver wrong traffic lane

Ayala v. Merit Electric - U.S. District Court, head-on collision



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